Login to the Poznan Project site

What do I get by logging in?

The Poznan Project search engine stays free and DOES NOT REQUIRE a registration. You can still use the facilities the way you did. However, logging into the site allows users to remove comments they added to the records in our database. In future, some more advanced functions might be included that will need registration, as well.

How to log in?

Provide the username and password you are using at the WTG "Gniazdo" Forum (check the "Use WTG account" box!). WTG "Gniazdo" is a Genealogical Society for those interested in Poznan (Greater Poland) roots and on its forum, English discussions are welcome, as well. As we currently do not have a separate system of member accounts just for the Poznan Project, we decided to use that of the WTG "Gniazdo" Forum.

What if I do not have the WTG "Gniazdo" Forum account?

Currently, registering at the WTG "Gniazdo" Forum is the only way to log into the Poznan Project service. It is free and easy, however. Just click here to start the registration . This will also give you the access to the Society's resources relevant to your genealogy and to the discussions at the Forum.