Contact us

As the Poznan Project coordinator, I will be happy to help you in your family search related to the Poznan/Posen area or to Poland in general.

If you donate to the Project or support it in another way, I will send you digital pictures or scans of the records you found in our database - if available, or help you obtain them from the archive where they are stored. You are welcome to write me for details.

As I am also active as a full time genalogy researcher and tour guide within the Discovering Roots group, you may be interested in writing me with your questions and we might start a research project on your family. For many years, I have been researching in the Polish and German archives (where the Poznan/Posen documents are stored) and I am now very experienced with their holdings.

As to your smaller queries, requests for identification of villages, finding additional information, translating letters to and from Polish archives etc., I will handle them for an upfront donation to the Poznan Project, as well - the amount is left to your decision. The Project is a time consuming effort which, on the other hand, effectively helps thousands of people to discover their roots - and I hope for your understanding.

Lukasz Bielecki,